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The "Other Volkswagon"; by Jason deCaire Taylor, in Isla Mujeres

Updated: Apr 28

Photo credit Audrey Noirot

So we know about Anthropocene, and its forlorn child curled up on the bonnet of the Volkswagon, but why do we know nothing about the "other" Volkswagon when it's so much better known and closer to the famous Silent Evolution?

After the submerging of Anthropocene, the company Volkswagon contacted MUSA and wanted to have another statue made that used a new model of the car, not the beetle used for Anthropocene. They offered to pay $20,000, but this would cover just the basic costs of the statue after construction, submerging, and artist costs, with basically no funds being available for the ongoing project of MUSA. As the project at this stage badly needed funds, the statue was completed out of need and not out of love.

The VW chosen was the most polluting VW that is not even available in the UK due to this problem. Ironically, "Think Blue" is printed on the side.

Jason deCaire Taylor wished for no credit and for another person to take the credit. The credit was going to go to an assistant called Lucio, but when his name was searched on the web, another Lucio with the same name came up. This one was unfortunately associated with inappropriate behaviour towards children. Not quite the image that MUSA wanted, nor the other unfortunate, innocent Lucio that shared the same name.

Ultimately, Rodrigo Quiñones, the artist of Biomap, claims credit for the construction.

The new Bocho (Mexican slang for VW beetle) provides shelter in the same manner as Anthropocene.

Because it was just done for money, the name amongst MUSA is prostibocho…

A very special thank you to Roberto Diaz for telling me so much about the start, the process, and where the underwater museum is heading today. If you are genuinely interested in knowing more about MUSA, take some time out of your day and visit the headquarters in Cancun. The history is impressive, and the new statues planned for future installations are incredible. I will post soon about my time there and the fantastic stories Roberto Diaz shared.


9 meters / 30 feet

Experience Level

Entry Level, Beginners, and all levels of certified divers

Average Visibility Underwater

20-30 mt / 66-99 feet

Average Water Temp

28 C°/ 82F°

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