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Anthropocene; by Jason deCaire Taylor, in Isla Mujeres

Updated: Apr 28

photo credit Audrey Noirot

While diving in the Manchones National Park near Isla Mujeres, divers will see the sad image of a small child curled up alone on the bonnet of a Volkswagon. This statue is placed away from the other statues in MUSA. What is the story behind this statue?

"Anthropocene is a cast of a VW Beetle with a mourning child on the windshield. The piece asks about what we are leaving to future generations. The nine-tonne sculpture is also specially designed to create a habitat for crustaceans such as lobsters, and its thick concrete walls prevent them from being extracted by local fisherman's hooked barbs". (1)

The insides of this Volkswagon have become home for many marine animals, safe from the predatory behaviour of humans. It is a sad message that the statue conveys and leaves many questioning the meaning behind the child when they first see the statue.


9 meters / 30 feet

Experience Level

Entry Level, Beginners, and all levels of certified divers

Average Visibility Underwater

20-30 mt / 66-99 feet

Average Water Temp

28 C°/ 82F°

To view the fish surveyed here with, click HERE

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