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Pocna has a wide range of activities and services that will help make your stay on Isla Mujeres fun, easy, and manageable. We can help you plan your visit from start to finish so you can do all the things you love. We offer arranged tours and excursions on and off the island and can even help you with airport transport, scooters, and golf carts for a stress-free vacation.

Water Activities Isla Mujeres

A dip in the crystal-clear, turquoise sea is a must when visiting a tropical island. Especially here on Isla Mujeres. However, if you're feeling adventurous, try out some of our exciting activities like snorkeling or wing diving. Obviously we also highly recommend scuba diving MUSA.

Myan Pyramid Chichen Itza

Discover Mexican culture and history by exploring some ancient sites and ruins, like the awe-inspiring Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world. Or, hop over to Tulum for a day and soak up the sun. With both on-island and off-island tours available, the adventure never ends!

Health and Wellbeing Yoga Practice

Isla Mujeres is a remarkable and spiritually rich place, offering a range of therapies and services that can aid in your personal growth, healing and self-discovery. Discover the magic of Isla Mujeres by trying traditional ceremonies, sound healing sessions, massages or yoga.

Private Yacht Hire

Love spending days laid in the sun out at sea? Try out a tour on a catamaran or private yacht to experience the island from a fresh perspective. You can either chill or party but you will be spending your time on crystal clear waters and enjoy a memorable yet luxurious adventure. 

Family Tours and Entertainment

Take a break and have some fun exploring the numerous shows and attractions that Isla Mujeres and Cancun have to offer. From private shows to water parks, there's plenty of entertainment to keep your entire family engaged at any time of day or night.

transport on Isla Mujeres

Getting around is all part of the adventure when on vacation so whether you are looking for airport transportation or want to explore the island on a golf cart, we can help you organize it all with our trusted vendors and providers


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