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The Significance of Air in Scuba Diving

Do you ever wonder where the air comes from in your tank?

We just purchased a new compressor so that we can fill more tanks, more often and this got us thinking... How much do divers know about where their air comes from.

When we asked some of our guests that were new divers, where they thought the air come from, we discovered that many were unaware of how their air supply is managed. It was surprising to learn that some were unaware of the daily tank refilling and the fact that the air is a combination of different gases. Additionally, many divers were unaware of the importance of changing the filter on the compressor regularly.

The air in scuba diving tanks is compressed air that comes from a compressor. and is a combination of oxygen and nitrogen. Before air is delivered to a scuba tank, it goes through a filtration system that removes impurities and moisture.

Scuba diving compressors play a vital role in providing the air supply necessary for diving. As a responsible dive center, we understand the significance of maintaining all equipment, particularly those that are essential for our customers' safety and well-being. We take every measure to ensure that our compressors are in pristine condition, including regular filter replacements to guarantee clean air without impurities. Additionally, our compressors are serviced regularly by trained professionals who meticulously check for any potential safety issues and

address them promptly.

If you have any concerns about the air quality or safety practices, you should always feel comfortable asking questions with the dive center you are diving with and you are always more than welcome to drop us a message if you would like more information.

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