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How to get to Isla Mujeres.

Arriving in a new country can be confusing, especially if everything is in a different language. Possibly the biggest challenge can just be getting to your accomodation. Every airport in the world is different however they are all a bustle of taxis and people in complete sensory overload. So we are going to try and make it as simple and clear as possible for you to arrive at Isla Mujeres.

There are many ways to get to Isla Mujeres and it all depends on how much you want to spend, how much time you have and the manner in which you wish to get there.

Isla Mujeres is a small island so the only way to get to Isla is by water transport. The most common being by ferry. So, lets get you to a ferry...

This video was made many years ago, before Pocna became Selinas, so the prices and travel times will be different.

Travelling from Cancun Airport to the Ferry

The most common arrival to Mexico is by aeroplane to Cancun airport and there are several ways to travel on from here to arrive at Isla Mujeres.

By private transport

You have various options listed below. With car, minivan or taxi, the trip will take around 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic. During rush hours it can take nearly twice that.

Pre booking

You can pre book transportation to be waiting for you at the airport. The prices obviously vary over time but at the writing, a one way ticket to the Puerto Juarez ferry was $59 USD. You can book here and we are more than happy to help you. There are many other companies with varying prices and if you wish to have the comfort of arriving in a foreign country and knowing someone is waiting there with your name on a board, this is the way to go.


A very expensive option and they are waiting out the front of the airport terminal to pounce on you. It can be overwhelming and costs around $80 USD and up


Is not an option. They are not allowed in Cancun nor the airport.

By Public Transport

This is definitely the cheapest way of getting around. If you are not in a rush and wish to save money, then the bus might be your prefered option.


The buses depart about every half hour and take about 35 - 60 minutes to arrive at the ADO bus station, depending on which terminal you leave from and what time of the day. The first bus is at 8.10 am and the last bus is at 11.50 pm (too late to be able to make it to the island).

From there you will need to take a taxi to the ferry terminal of your choice (usually Ultramar or Jetway), listed below.

At the time of writing, the tickets cost $105 pesos and you can book online or simply buy at the red ADO sign at the airport outside each terminal.

Booking online can be a little confusing. Enter the ADO Website to book your ticket.

  • In origin (desde donde viajas) you need to scroll until you find Quintana Roo.

  • Locate Cancun.

  • When you are at Cancun, make sure you click on the arrow to show the different possibilities because you will need to book from the terminal at which you arrived

  • You book your destination (hacia donde viajas) in the same manner but choosing Cancun as your final destination.

When you arrive in downtown Cancun you will need to catch a taxi from the ADO bus station to the ferry which will take around 15-20 minutes travel time. If you take a taxi inside of the ADO station then you will pay a higher price. This is because the taxis pay for the right to seek customers there and they pass that charge onto you. You can expect to pay around $150-$200 pesos MX but the great thing is there is no waiting. They are open for a little bit of negotiation but be nice about the way you do this and you will have a much more pleasant journey.

If you leave the ADO bus terminal and look for a taxi from the side of the road, the price is much cheaper but your wait may be considerably longer until one stops for you. The price you can expect to pay these taxis is $50-$100 pesos MX.

Our recommendation is to just take a taxi from ADO if you have had a long flight, entered a foreign, hot and humid country with a lot of luggage. It is worth paying that extra small cost just to get to the ferry faster and with less stress.

Crossing from the Mainland to Isla Mujeres

There are many ways to cross to Isla Mujeres via ferry. There are two separate sections from which to leave (Puerto Juarez area and the Hotel Zone area) and each have their own sets of terminals. There are also four different ferry companies that leave from various locations. We will try to simplify this for you as much as we can.

From Puerto Juarez

If you are coming from the airport you will most likely be crossing from one of the three ferry terminals near Puerto Juarez. Ultramar operating out of Gran Puerto is the largest and most popular, followed by the cheaper and more local Jetway in Puerto Juarez and then the Ultracarga in Punta Sam, the only ferry to cross with cars (much slower because of this) and has the cheapest tickets for passenger-only travel

From Cancun`s Hotel Zone

Ultramar and Xcaret Xailing are the two ferry companies crossing from the Hotel Zone as well (Playa Tortugas, El Embarcadero and Playa Caracol); . The fare is more expensive and there are fewer crossings per day.

The Ferries:

The majority of ferries are

  • handicap accessible

  • pet friendly

Contact the companies for verification and assistance if required

All ferries have:

  • air conditioning

  • bathrooms

  • snacks and drinks

From Puerto Juarez

Ultramar, Jetway and Ultracarga are the three ferry companies that all run between Puerto Juarez and Punta Sam. .


The largest company to operate is Ultramar and it runs from Gran Puerto and the Hotel Zone. The ferry running out of Gran Puerto in Puerto Juarez is by far the largest and more popular of all the ferry services. The prices fluctuate frequently so you will need to verify all prices.

Gran Puerto is found at the end of Avenida Lopez Portillo and is the main destination for most of the transport from the airport or the bus station.

The ferry generally runs every half hour but limits the crossings to every hour first thing in the morning and late in the evening.

Crossing time is about 15 minutes

Prices and schedules are always subject to change so check before organising your travels.

Click here to find it on the map in Gran Puerto


Operating out of the oldest port in Cancun, Jetway is one of the newer ferry companies, taking over from Naveganto only recently. It is cheaper than Ultramar and tends to be used more by the locals.

All prices and schedules are subject to change. Be sure to verify before organising your travels

Crossing time is about 25 minutes

Click here to find it on the map in Puerto Juarez

Ultra Carga

Ultra Carga is the only ferry that allows you to cross with your car. It is further along the same road, (Avenida Lopez Portillo) as Ultramar and Jetway.

This ferry caters for both commercial and domestic vehicles. It is also a cheap alternative for back packers who wish to save a dime or two. Tickets need to be bought before boarding and the lines of the vehicles waiting to board can be very long so arrive an hour before boarding, if crossing with your car. Be aware that Isla is small and parking is scarce. The streets are very narrow and much can be walked to. If you are going for a day trip, you might want to park your car on the Cancun side and just hire a golf cart on Isla.

Crossing time is about 45 minutes and allow an hour prior to boarding

Prices and times are subject to change so always check before arranging travel.

Click here to find it on the map in Punta Sam

From the Hotel Zone

Ultramar and Xcaret Xailing operate out of the hotel zone,


From Playa Tortugas

Please confirm schedules and prices before traveling

From Playa Caracol

Please confirm schedules and prices before traveling

Xcaret Xailing

From Embarcadero

Please confirm schedules and prices before traveling