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Experience the deeply spiritual traditions of the Mayan culture.


45 Minutes

Age Restrictions

No restrictions

Group _ Solo _ Families

Solo | Groups

From $295.00 (depending on group size)


Amanacer/Atardecer saludar la Isla - Punta Sur (can also be done @Selina)

Isla Mujeres is an island of great energy and significance. A way to show your respect and gratitude is by greeting the island and thanking Ixchel, the goddess mother of the island. Punta Sur embraces the energy of the Earth Mother Ixchel and the Mayan feminine culture.

The ceremony begins at sunrise or sunset with the lifting of the hearts and receiving the heart of the earth. Guided by a shaman, you will greet the 4 winds and express gratitude. You will greet the heart of Isla Mujeres and receive her blessing. This is a wonderful way to begin your time on the island before commencing your holiday activities, to say thank you for the time that you will spend here.

This experience is guided by sensations of sight, touch, smell, and sound. You will hear the greeting of the caracol. Feel the rhythm of the tambors and traditional silbatos. Smell the cleansing of the copal

Important Information and Ceremonial Recommendations:

  • Bookings are preferred 3 days in advance (Always check)

  • Groups from 1 - 30+ participants are possible

  • Duration 45 mins

  • Individuals are encouraged to dress in white, clear or muted colors. If you feel a connection to a brighter color, then you may dress as you feel comfortable.

  • No drinking alcohol or smoking

  • A half-hour silence is required after all ceremonies.


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