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Having your own wheels puts you in charge, and the island becomes yours. The island is only 5.5 miles long or 8 km and fairly flat in most areas, which means you can cycle with ease. This makes it extremely easy to pull over and find some hidden gems.


Up to 24 Hours

Age Restrictions

Min Age 18 years old

Group _ Solo _ Families

Solo | Groups | Families

$18 per bike


Rent a bike for 3 hours or on a daily basis.

Isla Mujeres is only 5.5 miles long or 8 km which is relatively small, and for the most part flat with minimal hills, making it easy to explore its scenic beauty and vibrant local culture at a leisurely pace. Cycling is also eco-friendly, helping to preserve the island's natural environment by reducing traffic congestion and pollution.

The island has very few roads so planning a route to stop at as many places as you like can be easy, you will find that the East side of the island is predominantly beach clubs and the west side is more scenic with picturesque hidden beaches.

Top Tip:

Some of the best places to see while cycling on Isla Mujeres include:

  1. Playa Norte: Renowned for its stunning white sands and crystal-clear waters, this beach is perfect for a relaxing break.

  2. Punta Sur: The southern tip of the island offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea, dramatic cliffs, and the famous sculpture garden.

  3. Mirador El Alcantilado: A newly designed public space with winding paths and marine life statues, overlooking cliffs out to the ocean.

  4. El Centro: The island's downtown area is great for experiencing local shops, restaurants, and vibrant street art.

  5. The Rainbow Steps: A popular spot for tourists and Instagramers to grab a pic on the colorful steps situated in the center of the island called La Gloria.

Cycling allows you to effortlessly hop between these attractions while enjoying the warm tropical breeze and the island's picturesque scenery.


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