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IslA contoy-national park

Isla Contoy is a virgin island, considered a bird sanctuary. You can enjoy its beaches and crystal clear water, have lunch, and snorkel (if weather conditions allow it) and there is also the option of a free guided walking tour of the island.

This tour takes you to Isla Contoy, a small uninhabited island in the northeast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. This untouched natural wonder is just a few miles off the coast of Isla Mujeres. It is a Nature and Marine Bird Reserve. 

PLEASE KNOW: no sunscreen is allowed on the island and no smoking of any kind.  

! Please make sure to pay the deposit to assure your space. Any inquiries without according to deposit payment are not considered bookings.


Since 1961, Isla Contoy is protected by the Mexican government and was declared a national park in February 1998. The island is jointly run by the Isla Mujeres-based non-governmental organization, Amigos de Isla Contoy A.C. and the Secretary of Environment, Natural Resources, and Fishing (SEMARNAT).


This is a day tour from 8:30 am to about 3:30 pm.  The tour includes snorkeling, when weather conditions are good, snacks on the island (sweet bread and fruit), water, sodas, beers, and lunch on Isla Mujeres on the way back. Lunch is normally at the Ice Bar but if it’s too crowded there is a second option.

This Day Tour includes:

Meeting Time 8:30 am at Velazquez (by Perla Negra).

It is best to have a light breakfast before leaving for the tour as there is no food until reaching Isla Contoy.


Snorkeling is usually at Boyado in Contoy or Libre but if the weather conditions are rough there will be snorkeling instead at Meco.

At times snorkeling may be canceled due to the weather.


Travel time to Contoy is about 50 min.

You will spend 3 hours on the island and then ride back for lunch at around 2.30 pm.

The tour normally finishes at 3.30 pm.


There is also an optional free guided walking tour of the island. Roughly 30 min

Two hours of the tour will be guided.

You will be given one hour to explore the site on your own.

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