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The Mesoamerican reef system is one of the largest coral reef systems in the world, spanning over 1000 kilometers. It is home to a diverse range of marine life and plays an important role in the ecological health of the region.


The largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere.

Manchones Reef is the start of the Mesoamerican reef system that travels all the way down to Honduras through Belize and Guatemala. Stretching for nearly 700 miles, this is the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere. This amazing reef system is the home to a dazzling array of coral and is home and food to abundant marine life that includes turtles, sharks, and hundreds of fish species. This reef and the mangroves that grow along the shores provide habitat to both marine life and shorebirds and are hugely important in the protection of the coastal areas from strong storms and hurricanes

The national park is a 12-kilometer national park that offers much to recreational divers of every level and beautiful areas for those interested in snorkeling.

There are many different parts of Manchones National Park, to read more check out or blog or come and discover the reef for yourself.

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