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Pocna 5 star IDC center


3 days - 6 dives and 3 courses


3 Courses Only $ 930

SAVE $ 101

*PADI eLearning is purchased separately if your course requires it. See booking information for full details.

Package Information

As soon as you start diving, you feel you’d like to stay down there longer and longer! You can achieve that; it all depends on what and HOW you breathe it. HOW you breathe depends on your buoyancy; the better it is, the less air you consume during a dive. WHAT do you breathe? We breathe air! And what if you could use Enriched Air? This gas mix has the same components as the air you breathe daily, with a higher oxygen concentration, allowing you to extend your non-stop diving limits.

You learn that during this special Open Water Diver  “Advanced Technique” Course.



Day 1

8.15 CW 1-3

1.30 OW 1-2

Day 2

9.30 CW 4-5

1.30 OW 3-4 + PPB 1  (NO 3 tanks, PPB skills included in OW4).

Day 3

7.45 or 1.30 PPB 2 + EANx


eLearning: 355 USD

Training: 588 USD

Total 943 USD


Step 1

Purchase eLearning

$ 588


Now you know which course you want to complete, you need to book your time with one of our instructors. 

Step 2

Book The Course

$ 342


Now you know which course you want to complete, you need to book your time with one of our instructors.

We recommed that you complete your eLearning before your course start date.

Click the Book Now to see our booking page and to check availability.

Step 3

Plan Your Trip

Aside from what you already have planned, there are plenty of other exciting activities to explore on Isla Mujeres.

If you need assistance, our team is more than happy to help you plan your itinerary and make the most out of your stay.

We help you with accommodation and transport too, just check out the link below.

Step 4

Connect With Us


Our social media team or on hand to answer your questions and keep you up to date with the latest news and information.


We would love to hear about your experience! Be sure to tag us in your posts so we can follow along on your journey and share in your excitement.

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Other Packages

Explore our range of packages or create your own!

Take a look at our range of ready-made packages that make it easy to achieve your diving goals at the best possible rate. Depending on your level and what you want to achieve, we can get you from PADI Open Water Diver right through to a Scuba Diver Master Trainer, an honorific indicating that you have experience in teaching.

All our packages can be tailored to suit the time of your stay and combined with accommodation.

If you don't see a package that meets your requirements, get in touch with our team and let us know what you are looking for.

Why Choose Us

You are in safe hands with Pocna Dive Center, Tours & Activities

Support 7 Days a Week From 7:30am to 9pm

We're dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of support.  At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to outstanding customer service. Our friendly bilingual team is always available to answer your questions about our tours and courses, so don't hesitate to get in touch and we will respond as quickly as possible to answer any questions you might have.


High-Quality Equipment & Facilities

Scuba diving equipment allows you to visit the underwater world by making it possible to breathe, see, and move comfortably while below the surface. It is important that all our equipment including our compressors are fully maintained and regularly checked for both your comfort and your safety. We want to make sure that you are fully comfortable and confident with our equipment. To help, we offer opportunities to practice in our on-site pool, or we provide refresher classes for experienced divers who haven't been in the ocean for a while.

environmentally conscious

Environmental Responsibility

At our center, we take this responsibility seriously. We are proud members of Green Finns and PADI Aware ambassadors. In addition, we collaborate with the Saving Our Sharks Foundation and run our own Ambassadors Del Mar initiative. This initiative is focused on providing children and fishermen on the island with the opportunity to learn about conservation and diving.

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