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Saving Our Sharks Foundation is dedicated to supporting local communities' livelihoods by protecting shark populations.

Saving Our Sharks Foundation is committed to protecting shark populations and supporting coastal communities in the Mexican Caribbean who have given up shark fishing. Pocna Dive Center joins the Shark Hero movement to support the Saving Our Sharks conservation efforts. Pocna Dive, a PADI Eco Center in Isla Mujeres, has pledged monthly donations, organizes community fundraisers, and has donate PADI certifications for auctions and giveaways.

Beyond financial support, Pocna Dive engages its community, raising awareness about shark conservation and marine ecosystems. They empower local fishermen to transition from shark fishing to sustainable eco-tourism, ensuring harmony between humans and sharks.

Together, Saving Our Sharks Foundation and Pocna Dive are making strides in sustainable marine conservation, ensuring thriving shark populations and healthy oceans.

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