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Jovenes Del Mar - Los Embajadores are the future for conservation in Isla Mujeres.

The project is designed to tackle conservation issues in and around Isla Mujeres while offering young locals the opportunity to gain new skills and career opportunities. These young locals will gain world-recognized PADI certifications while learning about their local marine life and habitats, it is through this education that we hope to show how we can create a more sustainable future for the prominent industries working on the island for the benefit of the people who live here.

Officially launched on our 10th anniversary 12.12.22 where we announced the details to the Isla Mujeres community to inspire conversations generating awareness. It is just as important to us that the operators and fishermen in the area are aware of our mission to teach these young locals and create success in their lives for us to have their support and see positive outcomes.

JDM is a multifunctional initiative that is beneficial to businesses, the government, the environment, and local communities. We strive to create a positive impact through education which will have a ripple effect on our fishing and tourism sectors.

within these areas poses a huge risk to sustainability. Bringing children from families that work in these areas will improve their knowledge and love for the ocean. Through this, we hope to inspire young minds with the hope that they will become passionate about conservation and diving.

Oceans are an essential component of the earth's ecosystem and it is in these underprivileged areas, where we see the most damage. Education from a young age is fundamental to creating change in society which is proven to have the highest impact on environmental projects.

Our industry knowledge and insight along with the abundance of local connections allow us to launch this project knowing that we can not only improve the lives of local families, and broaden the career options of these young locals but also develop a conservation project that is going impact the sustainability and preservation of the local environment.

We are working to create an educational conservation strategy to ensure that Isla Mujeres will always have an abundance of healthy marine life and a thriving tourism industry that aligns with the policies and commitments of our peers, such as PADI

We want to thank PADI for their support and for donating the Open Water Diver eLearning material for the students and Bonassi for donating new equipment to ensure the children have the best SCUBA gear to start their new adventures.

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