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Here you can see something truly unique! A variation of sculptures in very thoughtful arrangements, creating a different scenery every few meters.  The crystal clear turquoise waters, very little current, amazing visibility, at about 29c in a max depth of 8.5 m make the conditions perfect for a dive learning environment or just for a pleasure dive or snorkel tour. 

Musa beatle



Manchones National Park


If you are looking for a relaxed Caribbean Sea experience, with crystal clear turquoise waters, very little current, amazing visibility, lots of colorful fish, turtles, rays and much more this is the right sight for you!

Conditions are perfect here for a dive learning environment or just for a pleasure dive or snorkel tour. 



Manchones Reef
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Scuba Diving Wreck C58


These dive sites have amazing lightning, a game of light and shadows. Many surprises can await you around every corner. These deep dives are often the most impressive. A true adventure in a mystical surrounding, out there, waiting for you!


EAGLE RAYS - Season Late Nov – Early April



Each year during these months, the shipwrecks between Isla Mujeres and Cancun turn into a virtual “fly zone” for huge groups of spotted eagle rays. Gliding effortlessly above the wrecks, eagle rays are the sentries that patrol enormous territories each day in search of food, mates, and amusement. The eagle rays gather around the shipwrecks in prolific numbers, attracted by the strong currents of that season and schools of them can be seen swimming serenely closely above your heads or jumping out of the water.

Loggerhead Turtle Dive



It is the season of love for these enormous creatures. Attracted by the strong currents of Punta Sur the world’s largest turtles make a return to the island they were born to participate in a virtual orgy of passion. It is not unusual in peak season to see upwards of 50 mating pairs. The fastest of our drift dives makes this a most enjoyable and unique experience for divers. Dolphins are regularly seen on this dive as are 7 different types of rays.

Spotted Eagle Ray
Spotted Eagle Ray







Whale Shark Tour

WHALE SHARK - Season Mid May – Mid Sept


This is truly a once in a lifetime experience! You will be in the water with as many of 5 and even up to 50 or 60 whale sharks. The record sightings being 400 in 2012. Their calm and friendly nature and beautiful appearance will leave an emotional imprint in you for the rest of your life.

Snorkel Tour


Come and enjoy yourself in this turquoise clear water while you discover the amazing beauty of our reefs. You are going to see a grand variety of fish and corals in the Manchones natural Reef and visit MUSA the famous underwater museum.

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